Emergency Services

As we transition into spring, Safe Communities Wellington County collaborates closely with our emergency services to ensure a unified message for safety. With the arrival of the season, our fire services caution against approaching fast-flowing waterways, emphasizing the need for caution due to their increased speed and height. It’s crucial to prioritize safety by testing smoke alarms and checking carbon monoxide detectors too. The Ontario Provincial Police issues a warning against falling victim to scam messages, urging vigilance among the public. Additionally, Project Safe Trade, accessible at all Wellington County OPP Detachments, aims to prevent fraudulent online transactions. Drivers are advised to reduce speed and remain mindful of pooling water on roadways to avoid accidents as well. Guelph Wellington Paramedic Services recommend cleaning out medicine cabinets, paying attention to cleaning labels, and updating family emergency plans to ensure preparedness for any situation. Together, we prioritize community safety as we embrace the new season.