Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan

Community Safety and well-being is a foundational priority of the municipality in partnership with its’ stakeholders. Over the last three years, Wellington County OPP and Safe Communities Wellington County have been determining the best course of action to roll out the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan to all Municipalities across Wellington County. Based on the framework laid out by the province, Wellington County’s existing Safe Communities Group provides the criteria necessary to fulfill the Province’s requirement. Through adding additional partnerships throughout Wellington County the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan will encompass the Safety and Wellbeing Model; Critical and Non-Critical Incident Response, Mitigating Situations of Elevated Risk, Proactively Reducing Identified Risks, and Promoting & Maintaining Community Safety & Wellbeing. Wellington County understands that to grow, thrive, and prosper it must make every effort to cultivate and support partnerships internally and externally. This commitment will see the establishment of identified, actionable and attainable priorities, that together, will promote the safety and well-being of all those in the community.

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