Intentional Self Harm

The Motor Vehicle Priority Advisory Group (PAG) is a subcommittee of Safe Communities Wellington County. It is our objective to find ways to decrease the number of motor vehicle collisions on and off the road across Wellington County.

Bicycle safety has been a primary focus in 2019, specifically targeting, walking and cycling to and from school safely. What we learn on two wheels will influence our driving habits later in life when our hands are on the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Distracted Driving within our teenagers and young adults has seen a dramatic increase across Canada and is a major issue in Wellington County too. Teens and young adults represent 12% of the driving population, but represent almost 20% of the collisions on our roads. It is important to manage distractions before getting on the road. Either mute or turn off cell phones before leaving, storing them away to avoid usage. Don’t plan to eat, drink or groom yourself while you’re driving: multi-tasking is the enemy of safe driving (Road Safety, 2019). We will continue to educate teenagers and young adults about the dangers of Distracted Driving, as well as Impaired and Aggressive Driving that are both on the rise in Wellington County.

Our Task Force is made up of Wellington County staff and empowered citizens who want to keep Wellington County Roads safe.

  • Chair – Heather Lawson, County of Wellington
  • Blaine Burman, County of Wellington
  • Jim Potts, Minto Safe Commuinities
  • Don Senek, Minto Safe Communities
  • Alex McClure, Minto Safe Communities

If you share an interest in keeping Wellington County Roads Safe, please email [email protected] for more information.