Mental Wellness Action Group

Intentional injuries fundamentally differ from unintentional injuries, because intentional injuries are intended to cause harm, and are directly linked to mental health issues. Self-harming is a way for people with mental health concerns to ease their extreme psychological pain.

The Mental Wellness Action Group has been focussing on intentional self harm and death by suicide through workshops on Intentional Self Harm, evenings rooted in Mental Health Awareness and more. We look forward to entering a new chapter in 2022 with a new name and a new focus.  

Our Members include: Heather Glenister, Suicide Awareness Council Guelph Wellington Waterloo, Barb Lustgarten Evoy, Fergus Educational Services, Kristen Drexler, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Centre Wellington, Danielle Stafford, Guelph-Eramosa Safe Communities, Melanie Needham, MRD Consulting, and Martha Rogers.