Mental Health

The Mental Health Action Group is a subcommittee of Safe Communities Wellington County. Our guiding principle is to provide easier access to mental health supports and decrease the escalating numbers of intentional self-harm.

We are in our second year of focussing on Eating Disorders and its prevalence in Wellington County.

Increase Wellington County’s awareness about the prevalence, the risks and the signs of eating disorders.

Our Goals:

  • Increase Wellington County’s awareness of services and resources and support community members with navigation.
  • Build membership and partnerships to include more service providers delivering eating disorder services or who serve those experiencing eating disorders.
  • Allocate the budget to events or host events that help enhance the community’s understanding and awareness of eating disorders and support service providers
  • Advocate for increased access to services, supports and local capacity to provide eating disorder care.

Members of our Action Group include:

  • Barb Evoy (Chair)
  • Tori Lawson (Social Media)
  • Karin Younghans
  •  Elizabeth Granby

If you share an interest in keeping Wellington County safe, please email [email protected] for more information.