Mapleton Safe Communities

Mapleton Safe Communities is currently working on its Pace Car Community project and is discussing other initiatives that we could work on to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the Township of Mapleton particularly in school zones. The Pace Car Program, under Parachute Canada, aims to reduce vehicle speeds in school zones by the use of “Pace Cars”. Pace cars are identified by a decal in the back window of the vehicle and ensures that all traffic behind them stays within the posted limit in all school zones. Lori and Jennifer attended Mapleton Council in July of 2019 and the Pace Car program was unanimously endorsed by council members. The next phase of the program is to speak to school councils and local businesses to gather additional community support for the program. The Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team is the first, of what we hope to be many, local businesses to support this initiative.

In addition we will be playing a key role in the Mapleton Safe Kids Day held in May. Mapleton Safe Communities will be overseeing the Bike Rodeo at this event ensuring that students in Mapleton are aware of bike safety.


  • Helen Edwards Seniors’ Centre for Excellence Chair
  • Michael Martin Mapleton Council & Community Representative
  • John Peppler- OPP Representative & Community Representative
  • Shirley Borges Community Representative
  • Jennifer Geortzen- Community representative
  • Lori Woodham- Community Representative

We would always welcome additional community members to add to our current membership.