Minto Safe Communities

Through a co-operative spirit, close mutually beneficial ties are formed between police and community and contribute to a safe society. In partnership with Safe Communities Wellington County, we establish & implement Community Safety Programs such as the Vial of Life program, Bike Rodeos, ATV information sessions, Distracted Driving campaigns, Mental Health Awareness and other programs to keep our community safe.

Our Purpose:

  • To act as a liaison between the public and police
  • To listen to safety concerns and suggestions from residents of Minto Township.
  • To work with the Police to come up with positive solutions.
  • To provide education on safety matters.
  • To assist with crime fighting strategies.

Following recent elections, Angelle Eybel assumes the role of Chair, bringing leadership and vision to the forefront of the organization, while Todd Pridham steps into the position of Treasurer once again, ensuring financial stability and accountability. With a proactive approach to community engagement, the group has a series of impactful events lined up throughout the year. In March, just before Easter, they are hosting a Cyber Safety/Fraud Presentation, aiming to equip residents with essential knowledge to navigate the digital landscape securely. As part of their ongoing commitment to awareness and education, a Human Trafficking Seminar is on the agenda to shed light on this pressing issue. Looking ahead to the warmer months, a Bike Rodeo is scheduled for May/June, promoting safe cycling practices and community camaraderie. Moreover, in the fall season, the group plans to address vital issues such as agricultural safety and mental health, recognizing the importance of safeguarding both physical and emotional well-being within the community.

If you are interested in taking part and making a difference in Minto, contact [email protected].