Mapleton Safe Communities

Mapleton Safe Communities serves as a beacon of safety within the Township of Mapleton, dedicated to fostering a secure environment for all residents. As part of the upcoming National Injury Prevention Day activities, the community is gearing up for a day filled with fun and awareness. Children under the age of 12, adorned in green shirts, will be treated to delicious ice cream at A La Mode, a gesture aimed at promoting safety and camaraderie among the youth. Additionally, township buildings will be illuminated in vibrant green, symbolizing unity in injury prevention efforts. On the shores of Conestoga Lake, Mapleton-specific positive ticketing initiatives are underway, ensuring that lake participants prioritize safety and adhere to established rules. Currently, the Committee comprises four dedicated individuals, but the group is actively seeking to expand its ranks by recruiting passionate volunteers who share the vision of creating a safer, more resilient community.