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Safe Communities Designation

Sixty-two individuals, representing over 30 Wellington County Organizations, Service Agencies’, and Departments attended the Priority Setting Exercise (PSE). The day was comprised of two pillars; First, the presentation of data that captures Emergency Room Visits, Hospital Stays and Mortality Statistics as they refer to seven injury categories; including, Pedestrians & Cyclists, Motor Vehicle – On & Off Road, Agricultural, Machinery & Tools, Sports & Recreation, Falls, Accidental Poisonings, and Intentional Self Harm. Participants were given the opportunity to contextualize the data, ensuring they understood the injury categories and the impact they have on the safety of residents living in Wellington County. Second, the Qualitative Assessment of the statistics by the sixty-two participants; everyone was given a chance to rank two preselected injury categories per table based on a selection of statements. Following the completion of the two pillars, SCWC announced the injury rankings using the Quantitative Data presented at the beginning of the day, The Public Survey, and the Qualitative Assessment provided by the participants of the Priority Setting Exercise.

  1. Motor Vehicle Collisions – On & Off Road
  2. Falls
  3. Intentional Self Harm
  4. Accidental Poisonings
  5. Pedestrian & Cyclists
  6. Sports & Recreation
  7. Agricultural, Machinery & Tools

The detailed data will guide our programs required to make an impact in each local municipality throughout Wellington County. SCWC will also be looking at our current partners throughout Wellington County to figure out the best course of action and the influence we all can have, not only in our top three priorities, but in all seven injury categories.